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Dr. Jane Chen

Dr. Jane Chen is an eminent medical surgeon with more than 30 years of experience working in prestigious public Hospitals in Qinddao and Beijing (China).

His relevant contributions in the field of pain treatment have been recognized by the Professional Association of Chinese Physicians.

Among many others, his treatment against pain in Fibromyalgia patients and numerous treatments against pain in patients affected by sports injuries stand out.

1965:  Born in Qingdao (China)

1983 - 1989: studied at Qingdao Medical University

1989 - 1992: 

Master of Surgery at Beijing Medical University Hospital

Master of TCM Phytotherapy at Qingdao University Medical Hospital

Master of Dry Needling (New Chinese Acupuncture) in Beijing

1990 - 2015: work in public Hospitals

Chengyang of Qingdao and Xiehe Beijing

 2015 - present: runs its own medical centers in Barcelona and Qingdao (China)

Articles published in:

Medical Journal of Chinese Medical Professional Association

Medical Journal of Acupuncture (Shanghai University)


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